Society for Advancing Village Education


mission & vision

The mission of SAVE is to give hope and meaningful assistance to underprivileged and
orphan children living in the rural villages of Bangladesh through the funding of tangible forms of help and support in the areas of education, Shelter, and Healthcare.

       The Society for Advancing Village Education (SAVE) was founded by Farhad Ahmed, in the year 2010. He wanted to improve the educational opportunities for the many under-privileged village kids that have never known the blessings he had realized because he believed education to be the best place for them to start forging a better life for themselves. The SAVE organization started its work with 10 poor orphan children from rural areas and cities of Bangladesh. Practically none of these children and young adults had enough food for daily survival, let alone sufficient money for shelter, clothing, or school. The SAVE organization provided these children with books, uniforms, and school fees. In time, a temporary facility was constructed in Mirpur, Dhaka to provide orphans in that village with supplementary after-school education as well as some snacks. This after- school program provided the orphans with a small classroom and a teacher who was charged with teaching them mathematics, science, and writing, as well as with generally helping them to excel in school. 
        Presently, with help of many donors, SAVE continues to succeed in its work and has grown to have the resources, now, to assist about 20 young adults. SAVE supplies these children with funds for books, uniforms, and school fees. SAVE continues to help these students take advantage of the after-school program in mathematics, science, and writing; and it continues to provide the snacks so important to sustaining the after-school programs. Only because of the continued assistance of SAVE—made possible by its generous donors—are these children, ranging from first grade to tenth grade (known to them as first to tenth class) able to succeed in school. ​

       SAVE’s vision is to expand to the point where it can help the thousands of other under-privileged children and young-adults who are desperately in need of the attention and resources required to further their educational pursuits and give them practical means to succeed in life.  There are so many more orphans and young adults in the rural areas and cities of Bangladesh who deserve the shelter, food, healthcare, and school facilities required to succeed. This means bigger classrooms, more teachers, more supplies such as computers and books, and better infrastructure to be built. That is our goal—our driving mission—at SAVE: to help children truly thrive, and in the process, to build, strengthen, and sustain individual, family, and community life.

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